Inspiring young entrepreneurs with role models (Group 2)

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What is the issue ?

This workshop is the fourth workshop in a series of six thematic workshops that will occur over the next three years as part of the YEPA initiative. The 3-hour online workshop will examine how role models can be effectively used to inspire young entrepreneurs. The workshop will feature presentations that underline the importance of role models for building entrepreneurial motivations and intentions among young people as well as a panel discussion with young entrepreneurs who will speak to their own experiences with entrepreneurship role models. The discussion will also highlight successful examples of policy initiatives and how these can serve as practical guides for identifying and leverage role models in other contexts. There will also be time to raise questions, discuss key issues and share your knowledge and expertise.


The OECD-EU Youth Entrepreneurship Policy Academy (YEPA) is a peer-learning network that seeks to strengthen youth entrepreneurship policies in the European Union (EU). This new initiative aims to strengthen youth entrepreneurship policies and programmes by raising knowledge about the barriers faced by young people in entrepreneurship and facilitating exchanges between policy makers, experts and young entrepreneurs on “what works” in youth entrepreneurship policy. This new initiative builds on an existing collaboration on inclusive entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship undertaken by the European Commission and the OECD, which includes the award-winning report series The Missing Entrepreneurs.

Date and schedule

11 September 2024